Selling your home

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All leases are different so it's important that you check your lease before looking to sell your home. Your lease may include conditions that you must legally adhere to when selling your home. For this reason we ask that you contact your Home Ownership Officer for advice before instructing an estate agent.

When our home owners sell their property, the buyer’s solicitor will seek information from Axiom on multiple issues relating to the lease, where applicable, including rent, service charge and buildings insurance.

Before starting a sales' process, Axiom requires written confirmation that you are wishing to sell your property. All leasehold properties will require the seller to get an independent RICS valuation on the property. Axiom will then have eight weeks to try and sell the property based on the valuation price. If the property is not sold after eight weeks then the resident is able to put the property on the open market where he/she will have the opportunity to potentially sell the property for more than what it was initially valued at. 

Shared ownership

The buyer of a shared ownership property will be required to meet certain eligibility criteria such as whether they'll be able to afford to live in the property. They must also be registered with a local home buy agent.

Shared ownership is a government-funded affordable housing scheme, which usually includes nomination rights within the lease. This is where Axiom will be able to nominate a particular individual or family to live in the property.


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