Fire safety

outline of house in human handsImportant update following the Grenfell Tower fire - Fire safety letter Fire Safety Letter 29 June 2017 to all residents.[pdf] 252KB

Letters have been sent to all Axiom residents including those living in our supported housing projects, extra care and sheltered accommodation.  Copies of letters to our older persons can be found here:

Copies of our letters to our general housing residents can be found here:

Every year there are more than 50,000 property fires in the UK resulting in around 300 fatalities and several thousand serious injuries. See the key facts and what to do in the event of a fire below for further information and advice.

We are fully committed to taking all reasonable measures to prevent and control the risk of fire in our properties. Measures include:

  • Fitting smoke and/or heat detectors
  • Annual servicing of smoke and/or heat detectors. For properties with gas or oil central heating the service is completed with the annual gas safety check
  • Safety permits for the use of open flame equipment in carrying out repairs and improvements
  • Electrical testing of all empty properties
  • Planned electrical upgrades
  • Portable appliance (kettles, computers etc) checks for electrical equipment provided by us in communal areas
  • Emergency lighting checks in communal areas
  • Servicing of fire equipment
  • Scheduled fire risk assessments to all communal areas

Residents living in properties with communal (shared) areas
Communal corridors and stairwells must be kept completely clear of obstruction at all times. Fire doors must be kept closed and not propped open.

Individual flat front doors are fitted with fire safety devices and give a minimum of 30-minutes' fire resistance. For this reason residents and leaseholders are not permitted to replace the front door to their flat without written permission from us.

?Key facts

  • You are twice as likely to die in a fire if you do not have a smoke alarm that works
  • 90 people die each year because the battery in their smoke alarm was flat or missing
  • Over half of home fires are caused by cooking accidents
  • More than five fires a day are started by candles
  • Every three days someone dies from a fire caused by cigarettes
  • Faulty electrics cause around 7,000 house fires across the country every year. Many are attributed to faulty secondhand appliances and overloaded sockets

Escape plan
We recommend that you plan an escape route to use in case of a fire and make sure that all household members are aware of the plan. Also ensure keys are accessible for locked doors and keep escape routes clear. 

?In the event of a fire

  • Keep calm and act quickly
  • Get everyone out as soon as possible and do not waste time investigating what has happened or rescuing valuables
  • If possible, close doors behind you
  • Crawl along the floor, where the air will be cleaner and cooler
  • Before you open any door, check if it is warm. If it is, do not open it as it is likely that fire is on the other side
  • Do not use lifts
  • Call 999 as soon as you are clear of the building

For further information visit the Fire Service website.

Contact information

If you would like to contact Axiom Housing Association please call our Customer Services team on 01733 347135.
Alternatively, email us at:, fax a message on 01733 295520 or send a text message to 07799 760764.
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