Energy and efficiency

Logo of Green Award  Axiom is accredited with the green award for Investors in the Environment. We are committed to providing good quality, energy efficient homes. All our properties have an energy performance assessment to calculate their energy and environmental impact. We provide this information to you to help you decide if a home is right for you.

Rising energy costs and the impact of our usage on the environment means we all need to look at how we heat our homes and maximise their efficiency.  Axiom supports the Peterborough Energy Deal with OVO energy and encourages all residents to check they are getting the best value for money from their energy supplier.  Please visit OVO energy's website.

We are improving energy efficiency through our improvement programme. Measures include:

  • Installing condensing ‘A’ rated boilers, which convert more fuel into energy (heat). This typically means a reduction in heating bills and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, which is better for the environment
  • Fitting thermostatic radiator valves to enable better heating control throughout a home
  • Replacing windows with energy efficient double glazing windows and incorporating ‘trickle’ vents to provide ventilation
  • Using only ‘A’ rated appliances

?Top tips to save money and fuel:

  • Turning your thermostat down by just 1ºC can cut your fuel bills by around 10% saving you approximately £55 per year
  • Save money by always turning lights off when leaving a room
  • Only boil as much water as you need
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs; they last 10 times longer and can save around £40 for the lifetime of the bulb
  • Don’t leave appliances, such as TVs and computers on stand-by
  • Remember not to leave mobile phones and laptops on charge unnecessarily
  • Most suppliers have a selection of tariffs, including some for vulnerable tenants. It is always worth asking your supplier if you are on the best tariff

Before you consider switching suppliers it is advisable to check the price comparison websites:

If you are experiencing damp and condensation in your property please refer to our damp [pdf] 216KB and mould advice leaflet.

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